In spite of the many vehicles our world now offers to convey your message, the success of that message springs from writing. We may use traditional forms like articles, case studies, data sheets, or quarterly journals. We may use websites, blogs and the ever-expanding world of social media. But, while there are many people who studied writing in school, few accomplish it in a manner that transfers your message to its intended audience and that results in the desired understanding or action. This is why we published the "Five Neglected Elements of Successful Writing" and why we can help you. Also, select "Technical Writing Portfolio"which includes links to three examples. 

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The following piece was ghost-written for Go Daddy and was published in Elliot's Blog | DomainInvesting.com:

The "Independent Web": The Only Place Where YOU Control Your Online Presence
In 1991, when the Web went public, it was remarkable because it was the first time in the history of the Earth that you could create a presence anyone else in the world could find, see and interact with instantly. Best of all, you had 100 percent control over the content of the site and therefore over the experience of each visitor, as well as the data from it. Now, two decades later, a massive sea change has seen the addition of pages on Facebook®, Twitter®, Google+® and other similar sites. The problem is, unlike traditional websites, some of the content and all of the data created by interactions on those sites are not yours to use and to control . . .
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Cybercrooks Target SMBs with New Types of Attacks
As money and corporate information have morphed from hard currency and blueprints to digital files, small and midsized businesses have become the new banks to rob. In fact, bank robberies across the U.S. have plummeted from 9,400 in 1991 to just 3,870 last year. As Doug Johnson of the American Bankers Association puts it: "As more and more transactions become electronic, more bank crimes become electronic." Look at it from the criminals’ perspective: why risk getting arrested breaking into an engineering company or, worse, shot sticking up a bank when you can sit in an ergonomic office chair with an espresso on your desk and music in the background while plundering small companies thousands of miles . . .
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Protecting IT Systems from Cyber Attacks
The U.S. Department of Defense, through the U.S. Airforce Research Laboratory (AFRL), called for proposals to address the growing problem of cyber attacks. Specifically, to "develop cyber attack assessment techniques that provide the network defender with the capability to perform network defense, cyber attack assessment and defensive response through the use of advanced information fusion and digital forensics techniques". Working with an industry colleague to write two proposals, two contracts were awarded resulting in several years of work.  [Confidentiality prevents public viewing of this information]

Ocean State Veterinary Specialists
The Dog with the Golden Eyes Who Regained Her Eyesight
Smith's own dog, Tanner (a generation prior to Taylor who is shown on the "About" page), went blind in 2010 from cataracts. Ocean State Veterinary Specialists in Rhode Island gave this lovely Australian Shepherd her sight back. When OSVS celebrated their first decade in business, they produced a book that included a selection of animals helped over those ten years, including Tanner. It was an especially meaningful piece of writing that was included in the book and distributed to the many "friends of the company".

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